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Industrial technology demands stable, reliable power.
TDK-Lambda delivers that power, globally, with a vast array of products for industrial applications.

Why TDK-Lambda?

Low Cost of Ownership
Broad Product Offering
Experts in Industrial Power
Industry Leading Warranties

The reliability of power management dictates the performance of any industrial application. More engineers across the globe choose TDK-Lambda over our competition for trusted industrial power solutions.

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As the industry leader in industrial power supplies, TDK-Lambda is outstanding in providing solutions for any industrial application. 

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With over 30 years of experience, TDK-Lambda is outstanding in powering critical medical applications for the healthcare industry, Watch the brief overview below to learn more;

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Explore our products, and see why TDK-Lambda leads the market for industrial power solutions.

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AC/DC Power Supplies
DIN Rail Power Products 
DC/DC Power Converters
Customizable/Modular Power Supplies
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